We have selected ten building problems as a starting point for discussions about project management. What is the most important problem you can solve with a professional?

1.  Expedite bidding by using complete plan sets, specifications and scopes of work.

2.  Control costs by preparing definitive cost breakdowns with actual vs. budget controls.

3.  Contract the work on best terms with standardized documents and negotiated agreements.
4.  Prepare aggressive, achievable construction schedules with input from subcontractors and suppliers.

5.  Maintain schedules through weekly job meetings to review progress, plan work, and resolve problems.
6.  Make prompt, accurate payments that conform with contract terms and are fully documented.

7.  Obtain required approvals by supporting consultants working with the DRE, FHA, VA, and other agencies.

8.  Complete sales office and models on time through close coordination with the designer.

9.  Support sales reps with up-to-the-minute project information and marketing materials.
10.  Evaluate proposed projects by performing due diligence on all their elements.

It's important to solve known problems early while ensuring that others don't fall between the cracks, or even crop up. Skillful project management can make the difference.

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