We exchange information about your objectives and determine your project needs. Next, we work together to develop a project management plan. Then I hold your feet to the fire while you make it work -- OR -- you hold my feet to the fire while I work with your employees, contractors, and consultants to complete your project on time and within budget.

Communications can occur through...

  • in-person meetings
  • telephone and e-mail conversations
  • personal fax and e-mail reports

The work can be handled in several ways...

  • performance of specialized tasks
  • coordination of employees, contractors, and consultants
  • hands-on project management

In-person meetings are billed by the hour, plus travel and expenses. Telephone and e-mail communications are included in a minimum monthly fee. Project management is billed by specific agreement.

If you see value in having a professional project manager with a strong background in development, construction, and marketing, let's talk. If you're skeptical, give it an e-mail try!

Ask one burning question about project management -- and how a professional can help you answer it. Or, check out my bio to see if I sound like the kind of person you would like to work with as a manager. Then send e-mail or give me a call at 805-386-1668.

Rawn Resources helps builders, property owners, and developers plan and implement successful
real estate projects. Acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, and sales results!

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