If you are looking for an experienced professional to manage a building project, there are several ways we can work together. We can...

  • Assemble and manage an external team of architects, engineers, contractors, marketers, and sales agents to develop, build, and market your project with timely and profitable results.
  • Manage your existing team of development and construction people as they create and complete a building project successfully.
  • Identify and pre-qualify the external resources or internal staff necessary to create and complete a project to achieve your strategic objectives.
  • Perform specialized tasks to supplement other resources.

If you're interested, pick up the phone and dial 805-386-1668 or send e-mail. One way or the other, let's get together and start making things happen!

Rawn Resources helps builders, property owners, and developers plan and implement successful
real estate projects. Acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, and sales results!

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