Don't panic. This is a trick question.

If you don't have a working plan for completing your project profitably, you are not alone. Many builders don't seem to have such a plan, because they don't have the resources to prepare and implement one. They get into projects that look promising in a proforma, then proceed with the hope they will be successful. Some have stellar results, others don't. If you prefer a more businesslike approach, let's do something about it.

I've been involved with developing, managing and marketing projects for over twenty years. If you want to put solid business procedures to work in your projects, maybe we can work together. If you are planning to make a substantial commitment to a building project, start with a solid management plan and the resources to enact it. If you're looking for a working relationship, not just a consultant...

Rawn Resources helps builders, property owners, and developers plan and implement successful
real estate projects. Acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, and sales results!

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